How to find duplicate files on Mac

Mac computers are distinguished by their practicality, convenience and speed of operation. At the same time, it is worth noting that the speed of operation may decrease somewhat, which is facilitated not only by the obsolescence of the device, but also by a decrease in the available amount of memory. Macbooks are distinguished by a limited amount of internal memory, which is soldered on the board. Many users use external drives in the form of SSDs, but it is not always convenient and practical. It is especially difficult to use […]

When the site is small: how to understand that it’s time to make a mobile application

The company has developed an ecosystem of individual client services

In this case, it’s time to think about a super app – an application that will unite them all. This is convenient for the user: it is enough to log in once to get access to all products. A good example of this approach is the Gazpromneft application, where you can not only open a bonus card, but also pay a fine or travel on a toll road.

It is important for the company to track the delivery of push notifications

You can […]

Telegram bots can also take over some of the functionality of the application. For example, VTB plans to implement a digital mobile bank in this way.

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For shopping services, ordering food, entertainment and other things.

Companies from the service and leisure sector.

Features and Limitations

This method has a number of advantages: low cost of developing and attracting customers, little competition, high virality and traffic: when you get into the catalog, you can get 100-300 thousand visits on the first day of the application launch.

Although geolocation is available in mini-apps, there are fewer opportunities to use it than native ones.

In addition, such applications have a small […]

When the site is small: how to understand that it’s time to make a mobile application

Website development is easier than creating a mobile application, they look almost the same on a smartphone. But users continue to fill the desktop with icons. Does this mean that businesses need to order an application?

About the expert: Oleg Gromov, CEO of IT integrator Extyl.

The App Annie report showed that in 2021, the inhabitants of the planet spent up to a third of the daytime in mobile applications, and specifically Russians — a little more than a quarter. In 2022, the figure in our country may decrease due to the […]

Types of mobile applications — from simple to complex

When a company understands that it needs mobile software, it is important to choose the optimal method of its development. There are three types of services, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Today, technology allows you to turn a website into a pseudo-application with minimal costs, which can be placed in the Apple Store or Google Play. The user will not notice the difference. The service will have its own icon on the desktop of the smartphone, which you need to click to launch. In addition, the solution […]

Cross-platform solutions

There are services on the market that allow you to create full-fledged applications for both operating systems at once: Android and iOS. This approach is cheaper than a separate development, because a single team can make a product.

Here are the main advantages of cross-platform solutions:

Shorter development time compared to creating software in programming languages native to each OS: the application can be released in 3-4 months.

The appearance of any changes in both versions of the service at once thanks to a single source code.

Offline operation: access to the network is […]

Application designers: a stone axe or a thin modern tool?

Don’t rush from one extreme to the other. With the help of the proposed services, it is really possible to create workable functional applications. The resulting programs can be used to solve various tasks: from providing online commerce to distributing content and educating the audience. Applications created in the designer can be published on Google Play and the App Store, edited, monetized through advertising or paid installations.

But you should not overestimate the services offered

Their obvious drawback remains the template. We are talking about both the design and functionality of programs. […]

How to create a mobile app in the AppGlobal service

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The development of a mobile application can become a truly creative and exciting process that is available to everyone today. In one of the previous articles, we reviewed the advantages of developing an application in the mobile application builder.

You understand that creating a mobile app is a new skill, as is working in Photoshop, creating a website on WordPress or Joomla. A skill that requires practice and study.

This article will tell you how to work in the AppGlobal service […]

Build firefox

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Thanks to GoodBarber, you can easily and quickly develop both classic applications and applications for online stores on Android and iOS. Also in GoodBarber, you can create a convenient mobile web application that transforms from the site when you click on it from the browser search results on your smartphone.


A long 30-day trial period without specifying the card details.

A lot of beautiful themes for customization of the application without coding, high-quality user interface.

All options for the online store: automatic authorization, delivery zones, payment via the app, […]


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Mobincube is a service for the rapid development of any applications, be it games, applications for business, education, health, home. The constructor allows you to monetize applications, add push notifications and Google maps, implement databases, integrate Google Analytics. The service provides access to the source code.


Free tariff with unlimited number of applications.

User-friendly visual interface with interactive addition of pages and elements.

Lots of beautiful templates.

Unlimited possibilities for customization of the application.

Training materials, forum.


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AppInstitute is a service for developing applications without coding on the […]