Month: November 2022

Application designers: a stone axe or a thin modern tool?

Don’t rush from one extreme to the other. With the help of the proposed services, it is really possible to create workable functional applications. The resulting programs can be used to solve various tasks: from providing online commerce to distributing content and educating the audience. Applications created in the designer can be published on Google Play and the App Store, edited, monetized through advertising or paid installations.

But you should not overestimate the services offered

Their obvious drawback remains the template. We are talking about both the design and functionality of programs. […]

How to create a mobile app in the AppGlobal service

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The development of a mobile application can become a truly creative and exciting process that is available to everyone today. In one of the previous articles, we reviewed the advantages of developing an application in the mobile application builder.

You understand that creating a mobile app is a new skill, as is working in Photoshop, creating a website on WordPress or Joomla. A skill that requires practice and study.

This article will tell you how to work in the AppGlobal service […]