About Us


Senclo is an automation development company based in Seattle, Washington that offers smart home technology to help automate your living experience.

Who We Are
Senclo was founded by two tech guys working together at Intel. Their experience in the industry gave them greater insight into what consumers were looking for, and how the current products were unsatisfactory for most customers. After recognizing the massive inefficiency of standard automated products, they decided to create something better for home owners. Their goal was to automate everything so that homeowners don’t have to. The result is Senclo.

What We Do
In a few words, we automate everything so you don’t have to. Our first product is the Smart Garage Opener, but our company is looking forward to growing our inventory selection and expanding our products. We believe that homeowners and business owners deserve to have life made easier for them. Our products are designed to make that a reality.

Why Choose Us?
If you love the simplicity that well-designed technology can provide, then you’ll love us. We share that same outlook on automation and innovation, and we do our best to produce products that make your life a breeze. Choose us if you’re ready to experience true automation through a variety of products.