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Cross-platform solutions

There are services on the market that allow you to create full-fledged applications for both operating systems at once: Android and iOS. This approach is cheaper than a separate development, because a single team can make a product.

Here are the main advantages of cross-platform solutions:

Shorter development time compared to creating software in programming languages native to each OS: the application can be released in 3-4 months.

The appearance of any changes in both versions of the service at once thanks to a single source code.

Offline operation: access to the network is […]


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Mobincube is a service for the rapid development of any applications, be it games, applications for business, education, health, home. The constructor allows you to monetize applications, add push notifications and Google maps, implement databases, integrate Google Analytics. The service provides access to the source code.


Free tariff with unlimited number of applications.

User-friendly visual interface with interactive addition of pages and elements.

Lots of beautiful templates.

Unlimited possibilities for customization of the application.

Training materials, forum.


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AppInstitute is a service for developing applications without coding on the […]