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Types of mobile applications — from simple to complex

When a company understands that it needs mobile software, it is important to choose the optimal method of its development. There are three types of services, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Today, technology allows you to turn a website into a pseudo-application with minimal costs, which can be placed in the Apple Store or Google Play. The user will not notice the difference. The service will have its own icon on the desktop of the smartphone, which you need to click to launch. In addition, the solution […]

Application designers: a stone axe or a thin modern tool?

Don’t rush from one extreme to the other. With the help of the proposed services, it is really possible to create workable functional applications. The resulting programs can be used to solve various tasks: from providing online commerce to distributing content and educating the audience. Applications created in the designer can be published on Google Play and the App Store, edited, monetized through advertising or paid installations.

But you should not overestimate the services offered

Their obvious drawback remains the template. We are talking about both the design and functionality of programs. […]


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the iBuildApp service — a service for fast development of mobile applications on Android and iOS without programming skills. You can use it to create, test, update applications, embed tests and RSS, add audio and video materials.


Simple and user-friendly interface, multifunctional project management system.

Full customization of the project, 35 built-in widgets, open source code for developers.

Lots of templates for online stores, fitness centers, restaurants, car dealerships, schools, non-profit organizations, etc.

Analytics of downloading and using the application.

Affiliate program.

Learn more about the service — cloud constructor for creating mobile applications […]