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Control your garage remotely with this smart door opener

That annoying feeling of not knowing if you closed your garage door after leaving the house is one that happens far too often. This small but frustrating problem may be a thing of the past if this tech company gets its Indiegogo project funded. Seattle-based Senclo has created a smart garage door opener that monitors your garage at all times and can be controlled from anywhere.

The universal smart garage door opener, called Fi, automatically detects when you’re pulling into the driveway. Launched on crowdfunding site Indiegogo this month, the device can control your garage using an HD touchscreen controller, an Apple Smart Watch or with voice command through Google Assistant or Alexa.

Here’s how it works: Fi’s controller can be mounted in your house and the door sensor attaches to your garage door rail. Using Wifi, the controller can be connected to the sensor and your smart devices. With Fi’s app, users can control the smart device to lock and unlock their garage door.

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Control your garage remotely with this smart door opener

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