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Mobincube is a service for the rapid development of any applications, be it games, applications for business, education, health, home. The constructor allows you to monetize applications, add push notifications and Google maps, implement databases, integrate Google Analytics. The service provides access to the source code.


Free tariff with unlimited number of applications.

User-friendly visual interface with interactive addition of pages and elements.

Lots of beautiful templates.

Unlimited possibilities for customization of the application.

Training materials, forum.


Learn more about the service

AppInstitute is a service for developing applications without coding on the AppStore and Google Play. It allows you to create applications for restaurants, fast food, beauty salons, medical centers, fitness, coffee shops, etc. Additionally, you can order individual application development from an AppInstitute specialist.


Lots of business templates with preset options.

All services for business applications: loyalty program for regular customers, online payments, integration with social media, push notifications.

Fast and responsive technical support.

Affiliate program.