Automation - door opened before but now it doesn't  


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28/05/2018 7:36 am  

When I first turned on automation, garage door opened from the end of the driveway and second time from the corner, a couple of hundred feet away. Since then, it doesn't open the door at all. Galaxy S8, fiMini, location services set on highest level. 

Duc Tran
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30/05/2018 10:22 am  

Hi Jay,

Are you getting notification of arriving and leaving? If not then your location services may be turned off. 

What version of OS are you using? If  your using Oreo there should be a message saying driving detected. 

Can you try to reset the app. ie. Clear cache. Also, make sure the phone is resting while the vehicle is in motion, like on a mount, if not it'll take longer for the phone to detect that your moving.

There are 2 main criteria to trigger Automatic open.

1) The phone has to be moving 

2) It has to cross the 100 meter Geofence perimeter.

We are also releasing a new version of the app in the coming weeks which has improvements in automation. 

I hope this helps.