Automation - the garage door doesn't open when I come home  


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25/03/2018 8:40 am  

Just purchased the Fi yesterday and set it up, configured Automation in the 'Smart Features' under admin, verified the location, set 'Automatically Open When Arriving', and can manually open and close the garage door in the Fi App. Just tested it today and it did not open even when I sat in the driveway. I am using an iPhone X, Background App Refresh is enabled and Location services is set to Always. The App was in the background and not closed.

I have Linksys Velop mess WiFi WAPs and the range is very good, which should have been picked up about 3 houses down.

What else should I look for?

Also, I am not getting notifications on my iPhone when the door is opened/closed, and I do have the Banner Notifications enabled.

Thank You.


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25/03/2018 2:46 pm  


Do you have a Fi Mini? or The Fi Controller?

For Autonomous Mode,

1) Try to turn off Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services to other apps like the Nest ( just set them to use While Using or Never) We have seen issues with other location services on Always preventing the Fi App from sending out the commands to open or close the garage. We are looking into this issue and trying to fix it for the next release. 

2) Make sure all the options under Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System services on enabled. Especially Motion Calibration.

3) Then in the Fi App,

Turn on Autonomous Mode,  Set Automatically Open when Arriving and Set Automatically Close when Leaving. Close your Garage then drive around, you need to go about a quarter mile away before you will get a notification of closing. It should say "You're leaving home. Garage Door 1 is already Closed" . Then when you drive back it should say. Welcome home admin! Opening Garage 1. You need to be moving because Geolocation will detect moving speed and your location in order to open the garage. I would try to leave the app open while you try this out to make sure works. It should work in the background but try with the app open and see if that works first. 

5) You must have a data plan and good signal in the area around your home because the phone will need to send the command through our cloud network  to open the garage.

As for notifications, 

Are you not getting any notifications at all?

You will not get notifications if you are the one controlling the unit. If you add users to your Fi  and they open and close you will see notifications. Or if someone uses the Radio Control to open the garage you should see a Warning Garage Opening without a Command Notifications.


Hope this helps,

If you need more assistance. Please don't hesitate to ask  or email us at