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06/02/2018 9:41 pm  


Would it be possible in a future release to add the ability to adjust the range at which the door can be automatically opened and closed?

The video on the Indiegogo showed the garage door opening when the driver was quite close to the door, but in reality I have to go several blocks before the door closes, and be about a block away when it opens.  Both of the distances seem a bit far, from a security standpoint.  I’d at least like my garage to be visible to ensure security.

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In the Fi App there is a custom delay option (Smart Features->Autonomous->Custom Delay) that you can play with to add delays so that you can time the garage so it will open when you arrive. As for Closing, It is meant for a security feature to close behind you in case you forget to close it. You should still use the App or the Radio to close it, that way you can watch it close and feel safe.  Due to the inaccuracy of geolocation and liability issues, we had to limit this feature. Another option for closing is by using the Closing Timer feature on the Fi Controller. Click on the Garage Number to Set the count down(Keep pressing to add more time) then leave the garage during that time and it will close.

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