What are the Google Assistant Voice Commands?  


Duc Tran
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05/02/2018 12:48 pm  

Start with: Ok Google, talk to Senclo Fi

Now you can say, 

  • Ok Google, tell Senclo Fi to close garage
  • Ok Google, ask Senclo Fi is my garage open?
  • Ok Google, ask Senclo Fi what is my link code?

You can use any of these variations. 

Check Status:

  • Is my door closed?
  • Is my garage closed?
  • Is my door open?
  • Is my garage open?
  • What’s the state of my door?
  • Check status
  • Garage door status

Close garage:

  • Close garage 2
  • Close garage
  • Close door
  • Close garage door 1

Link code:

  • What’s the current link code?
  • Read link code
  • What’s my link code?


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26/06/2018 8:45 pm  

Though its off topic, this might interest you. Google Assistant has got 6 new voices now. Change Google Assistant voice to get a whole new level user experience.