Fi Mini Not Working via Cloud?  


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14/04/2018 11:40 am  

I have multiple WiFi routers at home. Let's call them A, B and C. A is the closest to the Fi Mini and has the strongest signal, so I set the Fi Mini up with A. When my phone has a WiFi connection to A, everything works fine. However, when my phone is connected to B or C, or using cellular data network (without a WiFi connection), the Fi Mini just doesn't respond. The Fi app doesn't complain about a connection---in fact, it seems to even shows the garage temperature correctly, so it seems the open/close command is just not sent over the cloud. I would have no way of checking if my garage door is open or closed when away from home (though I have not tested this yet). In other words, the most important feature that I bought Fi Mini for is not working. I am very disappointed.

Duc Tran
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14/04/2018 12:34 pm  

Hi MxJiang,

Would you please send an email to with your linkcode and contact number. We will get this resolved right away. It should not matter which router you are on, as long as you have internet connection on your phone you should be able to control it from anywhere.