What are the Alexa Commands?  


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To use Alexa voice command Say

Alexa, Ask Fi to Open the Garage

You can use any of these variations.

Alexa, Ask Fi to :

followed by any of these commands:



{Command} the garage door

{Command} the door

{Command} the garage

{Command} garage door

{Command} my garage door

{Command} my garage

{Command} my door

{Command} please

{Command} {GarageNumber} please

{Command} {GarageNumber}

{Command} number {GarageNumber} please

{Command} number {GarageNumber}

{Command} garage door {GarageNumber}

{Command} door {GarageNumber} please

{Command} door {GarageNumber}

{Command} garage {GarageNumber} please

{Command} garage {GarageNumber}

** {Command} = Open/Close

** {GarageNumber} = 1/2/3


Check Garage Door Status

Check garage {GarageNumber}

Check door {GarageNumber}

Check door {GarageNumber} status

Check status on door {GarageNumber}

Check status

Did I open garage {GarageNumber}

Did I close garage {GarageNumber}

Did I open door {GarageNumber}

Did I close door {GarageNumber}

Is garage {GarageNumber} close

Is garage {GarageNumber} open

Is door {GarageNumber} close

Is door {GarageNumber} open

If door is close

If garage is open

If garage is close

If my door is close

If my garage is open

If my garage is close

Check if my garage is close

Check if my garage is open

Did I close my garage

My door close

My door open

My garage close

My garage open

Is my door close

Is my door open

Is my garage close

Is my garage open

** {GarageNumber} = 1/2/3