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The development of a mobile application can become a truly creative and exciting process that is available to everyone today. In one of the previous articles, we reviewed the advantages of developing an application in the mobile application builder.

You understand that creating a mobile app is a new skill, as is working in Photoshop, creating a website on WordPress or Joomla. A skill that requires practice and study.

This article will tell you how to work in the AppGlobal service and how to create a mobile application in just 8 steps:

Before you start developing an application, you need to get a technical specification (hereinafter TK) from the customer and understand what the customer wants to see in the application: what functionality, what graphics, appearance design, and so on. In this case, it is worth starting from the needs of the company for which you are developing the application.

How to create a mobile app in the AppGlobal service

The second step is to process the graphics that your customer will provide you with (you can take it from your client’s website), as well as find suitable images on the Internet. One of the options for finding the necessary images can be paid or free photo stocks.

To create a mobile application, you need to select images of a certain size for smartphone and tablet screens, for application tab caps, as well as for icons and background images. In any case, if you are engaged in application development, you can delegate the responsibility of graphics processing to a designer or give it to freelance.

The third step in working on the application is the need to set the application parameters in the AppGlobal mobile application designer, that is, the name for the desktop icon, the name of the application for GooglePlay and AppStore, and the unique application code. The constructor scans whether this data is occupied by someone; if not, it takes you to the next step.

How to create a mobile app in the AppGlobal service

Next, you need to decide whether you will create an application from scratch or use a template. The plus is that all the templates of the AppGlobal service are easily edited, that is, you can delete any element in the template and replace it with another, you can completely redo the template at will. Therefore, we choose a template or our own design and proceed to the next step.

The AppGlobal mobile application builder allows you to create an application step by step and immediately view the results of your work in the application preview, which is located on the right inside the constructor.

Now we need to set the application properties, that is, create tabs and add functions and appropriate names and icons to them. This action is the simplest, that is, we add a new tab, then select the tab function, for example, a Menu, and write the name of the MENU tab.

Next, select an icon or upload your own and save this tab.Thus, we create 10-14 tabs for the application. These can be tabs Contacts, Lunch order, Bonuses, Promotions, Services, Price list, Application for tour calculation, Table reservation and so on.

How to create a mobile app in the AppGlobal service

Now we have moved on to the most important part of creating a mobile application — filling the application with content. In the Filling section, you need to fill each tab with information one by one, that is, put the necessary background images, register the address and contact details in the necessary lines, add dishes, a description of dishes and their cost to the menu, add a new discount coupon and set the coupon expiration date, etc.

Filling tabs with content is the most creative process in the development of a mobile application. The fact is that when working in the AppGlobal constructor, you do not need to write html code anywhere or use other programming languages. The application is completely created in a visual editor, just the lines, fields and sections of the application are filled with the necessary information.

The last step before publishing the application is to configure the appearance in the Appearance section. Here you need to choose the design of the menu — a standard, modern panel with a list of sliders, a panel with a slider tile.

You can set sliders on the main screen of the application and embed links to tabs in sliders that change beautifully one by one. It is also possible to customize colors and buttons in a unique way, you can even upload your buttons of the desired design.

Creating an application in the AppGlobal service, you will understand that this is an easy and elementary process, while the application will be absolutely unlike other applications due to convenient and versatile appearance settings.