Fi Mini Software Installation Guide

Fi Mini Software Installation Guide

Step 1: Download and install the Fi App from the Appstore or Play Store
Step 2: Open the App and click Setup New Device
Step 3: Select Fi Mini


Step 4: Setup Fi Mini

Step 5: Input your Home WiFi address and password. It is case sensitive and needs to match exactly.
If the SSID or Password does not match your network,
the Fi will retry for 5 mins and then reset.
NOTE: The WIFI SSID cannot contain reserved characters $ or ! .
Step 6:  Launch Settings and tap WiFi


Step 7: Look for the SencloSA-XXXXXX WiFi

Step 8: Once connected, click to go back to the Fi app
Step 9: On the Fi App, click Continue.
Step 10: Wait for the “Successful” message

Step 11: Confirm that the LED is BLUE ,which means Connected to WiFi
Step 11: If you see Blue, Then try to open the Garage with the App
Step 12: If is still PINK (Ready to Pair), Repeat steps 7-10 and until it turns BLUE (Connected).
Step 13: Sometimes, It may show error on the App but the LED is still BLUE, which means it’s connected to the WiFi . In this case, Log into the App manually by Pressing Login.
Step 14: Select Fi Mini
Step 15: Enter your Linkcode


Step 16: Enter Your Login
The Default login is admin/admin. Make sure to change that later.

Step 17: You can now use the app to control your garage but first lets calibrate the sensor
Step 18: Calibrate the Door Sensor by clicking on Admin
Step 19: Click Calibration
Step 20: Click Yes
Step 21: Now Wait, Your garage door will open and close a few times. Then you will see Calibration Completed
Step 22: You can now use the app to control your garage