How to add a Door sensor to the Fi App

How to add a new door sensor to the App

Step 12:Open up the app and Select Admin.
Note: You must be logged in as admin to view the Admin Menu. If your not admin, Please log out and log back in as admin. The password for admin is admin, unless you changed it in the Fi Controller.
Step 13: Select Add Fi Sensor.
Step 14: Setup
Step 15:You see the Network Setup Screen. Then go to Settings and tap on “WiFi”

Step 16:Look for the SencloSB-XXXX.
Step 17: Select the Senclo network and wait for the Check mark next to it before going back to Fi App.
Step 18:Go back to the Fi app and Click Setup.
Step 19:If it times out try again. Depending on your WiFi connection it may take a few tries. You will know it is successful when the Led on the Door Sensor is BLUE.
Step 20: BLUE means its connected.
Step 21:Check for newly added sensor in About.


Step 21: New Sensor is Added.
Step 22: Multiple Doors now. Swipe left for the new door.


Step 23: On the Fi Controller click on Door Select to toggle from door to door.
Step 24: Your on door 2 now. Click to open.