Fi Controller Installation for Garage Button Type 2

Fi Controller Installation for Garage Button Type 2


Overview of the Garage System.

The following picture show garage system connection before and after Fi is installed.



In order to operate Radio Controlled Garage, the Fi Controller mimics the user button press action to generate the radio signal from the existing garage radio wall button or radio remote unit.

You can  either unit below to create the Radio Trigger for Fi Controller, however, we recommend using your Radio Wall Button as the radio trigger so you don’t have to worry about changing  the battery.


Radio Wall Button                     Radio Remote Unit

Prepare Radio Trigger

Step 1: Remove circuit board from Garage Button and find the trigger button.


Step 2: Solder Trigger Wire (Wire-T included) to the Circuit Board Button.

NOTE: It doesn’t matter which color wire connect to which terminal.
The soldering can be done with traditional hot soldering .

Don’t want to solder it? Please contact Senclo support and we will be happy to do it for you.


Step 3: Reassemble Button Unit

Step 4: Connect Power Wire (Wire-P) to Red and White terminal on PCB.

Red wire go to Red terminal and Black wire to White terminal.


Step 5: Connect Green Terminal back into the power module.

Install Door Sensor

Step 1: Open the garage fully.
Step 2: Tape the Sensor template 3 to 5 inches from garage door edge.
Step 3: Drill 2 holes on sensor template.
Step 4: Mount the sensor using the screws and butterfly nut provided.
Step 5:  Close the garage and unplug the garage motor.


Step 6:Unplug the cables connected to the push button from the garage motor . Take note of which is Red(+) and Black(-).


Step 7:Connect the trigger wires to the + and – terminal on the green power module terminal connector.
NOTE: Keep note of wire color connected to + terminal on the Power Module.
Step 8:Connect the other end of the Prepared Radio trigger (Wire-P) back in the red and black terminals on the Garage Opener that were noted above, replacing the wires unplugged in Step 6.


Step 9: Secure The Radio Trigger and the Power module in place.


Step 10:Remove the garage button and the cables connected to it from the wall.
Step 11:Use the screws provided and dry wall anchor if necessary to install the wall mount where the garage button used to be.
Step 12:Connect the wire connected to + terminal in Step 8 to + terminal on mounting plate, and the other wire to – terminal on mounting plate.
Step 13: Place the fī controller onto the wall bracket using the top latch on the mounting plate then slowly push the unit into place. It will click when it is secure.  Use a mini screwdriver to tighten the screw at the bottom to lock the fī controller to the wall mount
Step 14:Plug the garage motor back in..
Step 15:Plug the power module DC adapter to the power outlet.
Step 16: The Fi Controller will Boot up and go to the WIFI Screen. Input your Home WIFI and press Connect.
Step 17: Once the SENCLO light turns blue (that means it’s connected to the internet)
Step 19:  Connect the power module with the other end of the Ethernet cable.
Step 18:  Connect the door sensor with the provided Ethernet cable. It will light up blue meaning its connected to the Fi Controller;
Step 20:  Press button to open your Garage.


Click Here for the Fi Controller Software Installation guide