The company has developed an ecosystem of individual client services

In this case, it’s time to think about a super app – an application that will unite them all. This is convenient for the user: it is enough to log in once to get access to all products. A good example of this approach is the Gazpromneft application, where you can not only open a bonus card, but also pay a fine or travel on a toll road.

  1. It is important for the company to track the delivery of push notifications

You can also send push notifications through the site, having received the user’s consent. But if it is important for marketers to track whether the message has been read, they will have to make a mobile application.

  1. Employees need specific services to work more efficiently

Specialists of large manufacturing and mining companies sometimes have to work without access to the Internet. For example, to manage equipment in mines or fill out accounting documents, moving around the shop.

Mobile applications with RFID radio frequency identification technology are changing the work of warehouses. Using such software, employees can find the necessary goods in seconds, monitor storage conditions and track the movements of loading equipment.